Attorney Experienced In Handling Complex Probate And Estate Administration Issues

The practice of probate and estate administration in Michigan is extremely complex. It can involve distribution of your assets to your heirs. In many instances, it involves protection of assets from taxation and expense. Such protection can also include guaranteeing your legacy when there are threats to assets due to debts, divorce or other lawsuits.

At Andrea M. Banfield, Attorney at Law, we will cater to your concerns. With an attention to detail, our law firm will provide you with the legal advice and guidance to administer your estate properly.

Making Certain All Of Your Needs Are Met

One reason why probate and estate administration has become more challenging is because of the greater existence of blended families. These include families with stepparents and stepchildren that come about due to second or third marriages. Our efforts help make certain that individuals you wish to protect and care for after you are gone receive the gifts you wish to bequeath to them.

Our firm assists in preparing inventories of the estate. We have access to certified public accountants (CPAs) who can help you in filing the necessary tax returns, and make certain all assets are distributed properly and estate debts and taxes are paid. We can also assist in distributing assets that do not require probate administration.

As well as providing probate and estate administration representation, we also provide a number of estate planning services. This includes preparing wills and trusts, guardianships and conservatorship documentation, and assisting in all of your long-term care needs. In circumstances of an existing trust, we will provide trust administration services as well. We provide such services to protect beneficiaries and administer the trust correctly.

A Lawyer With Extensive Litigation Experience

When will contests or other disputes arise, courts will make determinations regarding what actions to take in distributing the estate assets. Having long provided representation in Livingston County, Andrea Banfield can work toward protecting your interests in court.

Do I Need A Trust?

Sometimes creation of a trust is a good method for protecting assets from unnecessary taxation and expense. Whether creation of a trust is necessary depends upon your individual circumstances, however. Trusts also allow for you to make decisions concerning your assets rather than courts. And since we can shield assets in a trust from the probate process, the use of trusts also provides you a degree of privacy regarding the kinds of assets you own.

Preparing a trust can be much less expensive than probate administration. When trusts protect assets from probate, this means those assets will not face depletion during the probate process. We can even design trusts for use concerning the care of the pets that you own and to protect vacation property.

Let An Experienced Estate Planning And Elder Law Attorney Help You

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