Protecting Your Property Concerns During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is always a difficult choice. Issues concerning division of property are among the most stressful. These often are among the most contested and complex family law matters. These questions can involve the home, family-run business, stocks and bonds, and retirement plans.

Attorney Andrea M. Banfield is sensitive to the needs of every client. She routinely provides representation for clients throughout Livingston County, and has been doing so since 1999. Andrea is always sensitive to your concerns, and will provide you the sort of guidance you require to make the most informed decision.

The Complexities Of Property Division During Divorce

Individuals often bring a significant amount of money and assets into a marriage. These are known as non-marital assets. When going through a divorce, it will obviously be a great concern for you regarding what will happen with these assets. On the other hand, couples will also accumulate finances and belongings through the course of the marriage. These are known as marital assets.

Under Michigan law, courts distinguish between the two, and generally only the marital assets face division during the divorce process. In some circumstances, there are exceptions, however. For example, it is sometimes possible for courts to do what is called invasion of separate assets if one particular spouse is not meeting their obligations concerning payments of child support or alimony.

At Andrea M. Banfield, Attorney at Law, we will guide you through the process and help you understand your rights as pertaining to the division of such property. We will review your individual circumstances and advise you regarding your best available legal options.

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Andrea Banfield is a lifelong resident of the Livingston County area. She routinely provides family law representation for residents of Lowell, Howell and Brighton. When speaking to her during an initial consultation, you will find that she is easy to communicate with and that she will take the time to get to know your wishes and concerns.

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