Providing Experienced Mediation Services

The courtroom is often not the best place to settle private family matters such as terms of a divorce. Many people going through the legal processes leading up to a divorce prefer a less public setting. Family law mediation allows for out-of-the-spotlight resolution of issues such as:

Attorney Andrea M. Banfield is a certified family law mediator serving Livingston County as well as Oakland and Washtenaw counties. With her guidance, people engaged in difficult family law matters benefit from a confidential alternative to traditional litigation. Mediation allows parties to a divorce or child custody dispute to set their own schedules and stay in charge of the process.

How Mediation Works

In mediation, parties who might otherwise be at war in a courtroom have the opportunity to sit together in a neutral location and plan how they will co-parent or how to settle spousal support. This noncombative method helps set a tone of civility for divorcing parents in particular. Divorce does not end the ongoing cooperation necessary between parents who no longer live together. In mediation, their new roles can get off to a smooth start.

As a skilled family law mediator, Andrea M. Banfield focuses on facilitating productive communication between soon-to-be ex-spouses or separated unmarried parents. With both parties vested in arriving at constructive solutions, parties in mediation carry away a sense of accomplishment as well as plan of action that a family law court is very likely to accept.

Learn How Family Law Mediation Can Help Resolve Your Case

What issues do you need to settle in your family law matter? Find out how to get Andrea M. Banfield, of Brighton, Michigan, as your mediator. Call 810-547-5255 or send an email to schedule a consultation with a Michigan lawyer and certified mediator, with no further obligation.