Skilled Child Custody Representation

Child custody and parenting time issues are among the most emotional aspects of family law. A couple is very often already in the process of separation before one or both contact an attorney. Sometimes one parent is out of the picture most of the time. Regardless of whether your child is with you or with the other parent most of the time, prompt legal counsel is strongly advised.

Get Legal Help Sooner Rather Than Later When A Separation Or Divorce Is Developing

Parents who are separated or preparing for divorce may already be caring for the children on a workable schedule. A mother or a father may seek legal representation in hopes of maximizing time with children. At the Brighton, Michigan, law offices of Andrea M. Banfield, Attorney at Law, we fully respect your position as a mother or father seeking to protect your parental rights.

Whatever situation you and your children find yourselves in, you probably realize how critical a court order will be in the long term. It pays to get a court order right — reasonable for all members of the family. (Obtaining modifications after the fact can be tedious and costly.) Michigan lawyer Andrea M. Banfield is available to serve as your advocate through the necessary legal processes, with your parenting objectives in mind as well as the best interests of your children.

Out-Of-Court Parenting Time Arrangements Set The Tone For Ongoing Collaboration

Whenever possible, we encourage our clients to resolve parenting time issues out of court. One key reason is that regardless of what a court order says, two parents will need to continue cooperating after a divorce or after a child custody dispute has been resolved. We have a great deal of experience advising parents in constructive ways of communicating and collaborating while co-parenting. A courtroom battle is not the best way to begin this process. Family law mediation or parenting plan negotiations can set the tone for long-term collaboration for the sake of children's stability and well-being.

Contact this law firm for advice and representation regarding any aspect of child custody and parenting time, including:

  • Designing parenting plans suitable for the age of the children
  • Designing parenting plans that give parents access to children at holiday times in order to preserve family traditions
  • Accommodating parenting plans to parents' work schedules
  • Understanding the difference between physical custody and legal custody
  • Understanding how parenting time may affect child support
  • Modifying parenting plans when parents' or children's circumstances warrant them
  • Unmarried parents and custody orders
  • Grandparent visitation rights

Child Custody And Parenting Time Matters Are Family-Centered Issues

Parent-child relationships are ultimately personal matters. Court orders can formalize a parenting time schedule, but it is up to separated and divorced parents to stay proactive about protecting their fathers' rights or mothers' rights. Our Livingston County law firm can help with legal issues while also offering practical help and advice. Call 810-547-5255 or send an email to request a consultation.