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For more than 20 years, the Brighton, Michigan, law practice of Andrea M. Banfield, Attorney at Law, has grown largely by word of mouth and referrals. Today, many new clients also find our law firm through communications such as this website. We encourage you to contact our Livingston County law offices without hesitation to schedule a consultation. We also serve Oakland County and Washtenaw County. Speak to a Michigan lawyer regarding your concern such as divorce, parenting time, mediation, estate planning, probate or guardianship by calling or sending an email message to the law firm.

Face Family Law Challenges With Clear Direction

The majority of clients seeking legal counsel from Andrea M. Banfield, Attorney at Law, are facing one of the most difficult experiences in their lives: the end of a marriage and/or disruption in family law brought about by separation of parents of young children. A divorce can feel as traumatic as the death of a loved one. Parents who have been involved in their children's daily lives naturally find it distressing to imagine a more fragmented family life.

Sometimes our family law clients discover that the very legal solutions they fear turn out to provide welcome structure that allows them to move forward. At our Michigan law firm, we capably guide clients through the necessary legal processes of a divorce or parenting plan agreement.

If you become a client of this law firm, you can expect your lawyer to listen to your concerns, respect your viewpoints and advocate zealously on your behalf. Learn more about the sole proprietor of Andrea M. Banfield, Attorney at Law, through this link:

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